P-18 Records Records is Hungarian based Speed, Thrash, Death Metal label since 2015.

About our name: The P-18 early warning radar was developed and operated by the Soviet Union from 1970 and continues to serve in more countries who received the P-18 from the Soviet Union by export. Many P-18 have been upgraded and continue to serve in the military and air traffic control role across the world.
Founder of the label was P-18 operator more than 25 years before. Of course they've listened only METAL music in the bunker of that P-18!

Demo submission: Feel free to send your band's promo package (audio stuff + bigraphy) to us. It can be digital of physical. Please note, no any deal guaranteed. 

Trade or wholesale: We are interested in trade with other labels or fanzines but please write first. 
Our releases are also available for good wholasale price. Minimum order 10 copies but it can be mixed min. 2 copy/title.

Contact: - Postal address upon request.